Russian Work Visa Invitation

Work visa

Work visa can be valid for single or multiple entries.

Multiple Entry Work visa can be valid for 1 year or 3 years depending on the invitation submitted.

1. Letter of Invitation:

a) Official invitation issued by the Russian Federal Migration Service, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) or its regional offices. Or six digit reference number of your visa support information (MFA telex #) sent directly to the Consulate. (The official invitation must contain: official seal and legal address of the agency, document registration number, date of registration, signature and name of an authorized official, travel itinerary, dates of stay, names of persons invited. We reserve the right to request originals of any invitation).

Copy of invitations for work visas are not accepted – please submit original only.

2. Passport (original). Passport must contain at least two blank pages marked “visas”, otherwise the passport and documents will not be accepted and will be returned. Passport must be valid no less than 1,5 year after visa expiration date.

Applicant’s passport will be in the Consulate’s possession within the whole period of visa processing.

3. StandardVisa Application form ( with one passport-size bw or color photo glued or stapled at the place for photo on the application form (Russian Visa Photo Specifications) .

Each applicant has to fill out visa application form online, print it on your printer at home, in your office or in Consulate General along with other documents required.

No blank spaces must be left. If a question does not apply, please type “N/A”. If the answer is none, write “None”. Kindly ensure that the dates of your entry and exit, as entered in the application form, match with the period specified in your invitation. The form should bear the original signature of applicant and must be well readable. Please note that all dates in your application form must be written in European style (date, month, year). Please state clearly your contact telephone number (office, home). Incomplete forms, forms with no signature, forms with corrections, forms filled out illegibly or NOT FROM THIS Special OFFICIAL WEB SITE will be returned to the applicants unprocessed.

4. Official hospital HIV (AIDS) Test Certificate. This certificate is valid for 3 month only (HIV blood test should be taken not earlier than 3 months before applying for a visa). Consulate General just recommends some official medical organizations which can make tests.

5. For Non-Korean Passport holders only: You may apply for Russian visa only if you have Alien Registration Card, Sojourn Status or long term non-immigration legal status in ROK valid not less than 3 months from the date of your Russian visa application. There are some countries in the world with which the Russian Federation has mutual understanding visas policy and citizens of which countries should not have Alien Registration Card for period more than 3 months. If you would like to know is your country in this list, please ask in Consulate.

If you stay in Russia more than seven business days upon arrival you have to register as a foreigner. This registration is mandatory and required by the Russian Law that regulates entry/exit and stay of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation. Registration process is varied from registering in a hotel to registering at the Passport and Visa Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia or Russian Federal Immigration Service depending on which type of visas you have in your passport. It is important for you to apply for the right type of visa, the one that corresponds to the purpose of your trip, in order to enjoy your visit to Russia without legal problems, should it be a tourist journey, a home stay with a relative or friend, a business trip, or a transit.

Work visa to Russia for foreigners

To work in Russia, a foreign citizen must apply for a work visa. This rule applies to citizens of any country, except citizens of CIS countries, who have the right to work in the Russian Federation on a patent. A work visa gives foreigners the right to work, get paid and live on the territory of Russia for the duration of its validity. Please note that a work visa cannot be issued without a work permit.

Travelmart helps foreigners in getting a work visa. Contact our specialists if you want to avoid the bureaucratic paperwork, save time, and avoid mistakes and failure.

Work visa for foreign citizens

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Before getting a work visa to Russia, a foreign citizen must wait for a work invitation from a particular company. Therefore, first, a foreigner needs to find an employer and agree on the working conditions. The name of the company will be indicated in the visa, so a foreign citizen will have the right to work only there.

The whole procedure of employment before issuing a working invitation is the responsibility of the inviting party. A foreigner needs to wait until the employer takes all the necessary steps. It can take from one to several months depending on the type of employment – highly qualified specialists, quota and above quota.

Ways to employ a foreigner

• Salary: more than
• Position: any

simplified paperwork, the whole process will take about 1 month

• Salary: any,
• Position: any

getting a quota is a long process and a positive result is not guaranteed

• Salary: any,
• Position: from the list

  1. Stage Applying to the Employment Center
  2. Stage Getting a permit to engage foreign labour
  3. Stage Getting a work permit
  4. Stage Accreditation in the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  5. Stage Making a work invitation
  6. Stage Obtaining and extending a work visa

This video below is in Russian. You can turn on the English subtitles or any other language in the player settings, just click the gear-wheel icon.

– Highly qualified specialists receive a salary of 2 million rubles a year. The procedure for them is simplified, and takes about a month before receiving a working invitation. Read more about their employment in the section. «How to hire a highly qualified specialist».

Basic servicesTimeCost
Work permitfor citizens from the countries with low risk of immigration14 business days
for citizens from the countries with high immigration risk14 business days

* Stamp duty for a work permit of is paid separately.

* The price includes the notification of employment and support HQs for personal work permit.

Accreditation of the company in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a work invitation14 business days
Visa extension without leaving Russia20 business days
Additional servicesTimeCost
Invitations for accompanying family members3 weeks
Salary notice2-3 days
Notice of early termination of an employment contract2-3 days
Obtaining a TIN Certificate6 business days
Notarized translation of the passport front page2-3 business days
VHI policy2-3 business days1 year

Travelmart provides services only to legal entities registered in Moscow or the Moscow region.

– If a foreign employee earns less than 2 million rubles a year, the employer can hire them on above quota positions or receives a quota. The process of registration in this case takes about 3 months. Read more about that in the sections «Employment of foreigners above quota» and «Obtaining quotas for employment of foreign citizens».

Stage 1. Application at the employment centre30 days
Stage 2. Getting a permission to attract foreign labour *30 days
Stage 3. Work permit (plastic) **14 working days
Stage 4. Accreditation of the company in the Ministry of Internal Affairs1 day
Stage 5. Single-entry Work Visa Invitation12 working days
Stage 6. Extending a visa into a multiple-entry work visa20 working days
Notice of a conclusion or early termination of the employment contract2-3 working days

* The state duty for a permission to attract foreign labour is extra
** The state duty for the work permit is extra

Travelmart provides services only to legal entities registered in Moscow or the Moscow region.
The company must have certification of jobs.
The company should not have tax debts.

Submission of information to the Department of Labour and Employment

Travelmart provides services only to legal entities registered in Moscow or the Moscow region.
The company must have certification of jobs.
The company should not have tax debts.

Employer’s Actions

To issue a work invitation to a foreigner, an employer must:

  1. Apply for a vacancy in the Employment Centre or get a quota in the Department of Labour and Employment (skip this step for HQSs).
  2. Obtain a permit to employ foreign labour. (skip this step for HQSs).
  3. Apply for a work permit.
  4. Submit documents for a work invitation.

How to get a work visa to Russia

Once a foreigner has received a work invitation, they can apply for a work visa.

If the invitation is issued for a highly qualified specialist, you can immediately get a multiple-entry work visa for up to 3 years, depending on the duration of the employment contract and the work permit.

If a foreigner is getting a quota or above quota position, you must first issue a single-entry work visa for 3 months with the possibility of its subsequent extension. Upon arrival in Russia, the visa will need to be changed to a multiple-entry visa for a period of up to one year, depending on the duration of the contract and the work permit.

To get a work visa to Russia you need:

  1. Collect the necessary documents – passport, work invitation, insurance. A complete list of documents for a work visa to Russia needs to be clarified at the Russian consulate abroad.
  2. Pay a visa fee, the size of which depends on the country.
  3. Submit an application and documents to the Russian consulate abroad.
  4. Wait for a work visa, it can take up to 20 working days.

A foreigner may be refused a visa for several reasons: for example, if the employer made a mistake at one of the stages of employment, the foreigner submitted false information or violated immigration laws. By entrusting Travelmart specialist with the process, you minimize the risk of failure.

Read the full information on the procedure of employing foreigners on our website.

Russian Work Visa Invitation. Requirements, Cost

Work visa invitation is a document that is the basis for issuance of work visas to Russia, which gives its holder the right to stay in Russia continuously for a period of 1 or 3 years with the purpose of working in a Russian company. This type of invitation is extremely complicated and expensive to arrange.

Russian Work Visa Invitation – Quick overview:

Period of stay:365 days (up to 3 years)
Entries:Multiple entry
Processing time:30 days
Price:Call or Get Business Invitation

The key issues to consider when applying for a work visa are:

  • Work visa invitation for foreigners: Cost
  • Time Frame for Arranging an Invitation for a Work Visa
  • Documents Necessary to Get a Work Visa Invitation
  • Useful information about the process of arranging a work visa invitation to Russia
  • Need assistance in obtaining a work visa invitation?

Work visa invitation for foreigners: Cost

To apply for a work visa to Russia, you must first obtain an invitation. The cost of arranging an invitation for the work visa depends on the nationality of the foreigner and the duration of his/her intended stay in Russia.

Time Frame for Arranging an Invitation for a Work Visa

How to get Russian work visa invitation?

Arranging an invitation for a work visa will take a minimum of 30 working days. Keep in mind that, since the process of arranging an invitation involves the Russian Federal Migration Service, additional delays may occur. The time required to obtain a work visa invitation for the foreign citizen can be affected by administrative changes or restructuring the FMS may be subjected to. Before submitting the documents for your work visa invitation, contact our assistants to clarify the time frames.

After you receive the invitation for your work visa, please consider the time necessary for applying for your visa at the Russian Consulate. Contact the Consulate of the Russian Federation to find out how long your work visa application will take to process.

Documents Necessary to Get a Work Visa Invitation

The following documents and information are required to arrange an invitation for your work visa:

  • copy of your passport (the page containing your photo and personal data)
  • copy of your diploma of higher education (include annexes, if available)
  • original translation of your passport and diploma in Russian language certified by a Russian notary
  • photos (4 pcs., 3×4 cm, in color, on matte photo paper, no corner)
  • exact foreigner’s residence address in the country of which he/she is a national
  • city and country where the foreigner intends to obtain a work visa to the Russian Federation
  • cities he/she plans to visit in Russia
  • place of his/her accomodation in Russia
  • estimated date of arrival.

Useful Information About the Process of Arranging a Work Visa Invitation to Russia:

  1. Invitation to work in Russia can be granted for 1 or 3 years (30- or 90-day work visa invitations are not available)
  2. Based on the issued invitation, the foreign nationals obtain a work visa valid for the period specified in the invitation.
  3. The foreign citizen is required to obtain his/her Russian work visa at the Consulate of the Russian Federation located in his/her country of citizenship.
  4. Work permit card should be arranged along with the invitation.
  5. After arrival, the foreign citizen must contact the local FMS office in person to obtain his/her work permit card.
  6. After the foreigner enters Russia, he/she is required to register with the Russian Federal Migration Service. The company that issued the work permit for the foreign worker is obligated to take care of the paperwork.
  7. It is necessary to complete the migration registration procedure within 7 working days after the foreigner’s arrival in the Russian Federation.
  8. Foreigners holding a Russian work visa are allowed to stay in Russia during the entire period of its validity, as well as leave and enter the country as many times as necessary until his/her work visa expires.

Our company recommends the citizens of the EU, the United States, Japan and China to choose the invitation letter issued by an organization, because:

Russian Work Visa for Foreign Citizens

If a foreigner is planning to find a job in Russia, he/she needs to obtain a visa, which will give him/her the right to work legally in the country, receive wages and stay in the territory of the Russian Federation until the end of the visa validity period.

However, a foreign citizen has the right to work only in the company that is specified in his/her work visa as an employer. If a foreigner needs to apply for a visa to work in another company, he/she will need to leave the country and go through the whole process of obtaining a work visa from the very beginning

What is the Russian Work Visa?

The Russian work visa is an authorization document, permitting a foreigner to continuously reside in Russia for a long period of time (1-3 years). This visa is issued to the category of foreign citizens who managed to find a job in a Russian company.

Basic information that will facilitate the process of applying for a work visa:

  • Features of a work visa;
  • Required package of documents for work visa application;
  • Work visa application;
  • Cost of work visa application;


Visa multiplicity:

Cost of an invitation for the visa:

You can find the basic information by phone or order the online application service.

Features of a work visa

Holders of a work visa do not have any limits on staying in Russia, unlike other types of visas, when it is allowed to stay in the country only for 3 months during each half year. As a rule, in most cases, work visas are issued for a period of 1 year, however, qualified specialists have the right to obtain a work visa with a validity of up to 3 years. Throughout the duration of the visa, a foreign employee has the right to cross the border of the Russian Federation an unlimited number of times.

How can the work visa be extended?

A foreign citizen has the opportunity to extend the work visa without leaving the territory of the Russian Federation.

If the visa validity period is not suitable for a number of reasons, you can get acquainted with information about other types of visa.

Required package of documents for work visa application

A different package of necessary documents is required for each foreign citizen in order to obtain a work visa.

In order to receive a business invitation, you will need:

  • A photocopy of the passport data with a notarized translation into Russian;
  • A photocopy of the diploma of the applicant for a work visa, which is documentary evidence of his/her qualification. The notarized translation of this document into Russian is mandatory.
  • Two 3×4 photos.
  • Pre-filled application form.

To obtain a work visa, you must provide the following documents to the consulate of the Russian Federation:

  • Work invitation;
  • Filled visa application form;
  • Photos;
  • Insurance policy;

Work visa application

To ensure that the foreign citizen successfully obtains a work visa, the following steps should be taken:

  1. The company-employer must have a quota that gives the right to attract foreign employees to work. For the employer, it must submit information about itself to the Government Employment Service and within a certain period apply to the appropriate FMS office in order to obtain authorization to employ foreign labor;
  2. The company-employer must apply to the appropriate state body in order to issue an individual authorization document, giving the right to a specific foreigner to work in a Russian company;
  3. Then the company-employer will need to submit documents for issuing a work invitation for the future foreign employee;
  4. After issuing an invitation and a work permit, the employer must send them to the foreigner via international express mail. Having received the documents, the foreigner needs to submit them to the Russian consulate in his/her country of residence, enclosing the main package of the required documentation.

A foreign citizen also has the right to issue a work visa for his/her relatives, indicating in the corresponding column “Purpose of the visit” their status: “accompanying family member”.

Cost of work visa application

In order to successfully obtain a work visa, a foreign citizen will need to carry out a large amount of work on preparing a package of necessary documentation, as well as go through the difficult visa application process. Our company will help you to prepare documents for work visa application. We can also deliver or receive the required package of documents for you. Moreover, we will provide you with consulting assistance by answering all your questions regarding the procedure for obtaining a working visa.

Assistance in obtaining a work visa in the Russian Federation

Before reading this article, we recommend that you read the articles from the list below:

  • Russian work visa for foreign citizens;
  • Work invitation for foreign citizens;
  • The advantages of a business visa over a working visa;

We warn you that obtaining a work visa is an expensive and difficult process. Rating: 9.4 out of 10 based on 1311 reviews by Trustpilot score Rating: 9.4 out of 10 based on 1311 reviews by Trustpilot score

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Russian Work Visa Invitation. How much it cost in 2020?

Work invitation to Russia is a document required to obtain a work visa, allows you to stay continuously in Russia during the whole period of its validity (1-3 years). Process of issuing such a visa sufficiently difficult because it requires preliminary search of the employer which is ready to help you get the documents permitting you to work in a Russian company.

Table of contents:

Information on this website is available in the following languages:
Russian, English.

Key information

Work invitation to Russia — main parameters:

Validity periodfor 1 or 3 years
Visa multiplicityMultiple-entry, continuous stay
Processing termMore than 30 days
Average costfrom 635$

How does an invitation look like and what does it consist of

Invitation to Russia must be issued on the official letterhead of the MIA and contain the following information:

  • Name of the employer’s company
  • Number of specialists involved
  • Position
  • Other important information

Where to get a work permit in Russia?

Obtaining a work permit in the 2020 is difficult procedure requiring competent legal support. I’ve made request form for the convenience. After receiving your request, the system sends it automatically to companies providing services to help you obtain invitations.

What to do after getting an invitation

After you obtain your invitation, there’s nothing complicated. Here is a short list of necessary actions:

  1. Bear a valid passport
  2. Get invitation to Russia
  3. Get medical insurance
  4. Complete a visa application form on and print it
  5. Glue a picture 3,5х4,5 cm of you on a form
  6. Pay a consular (visa) fee
  7. Submit or send documents to the Russian diplomatic authority (passport, invitation, insurance, application form, receipt)
  8. Wait from 1 to 10 calendar days * and get a passport with a visa inside

* — Only for the EU citizens. It is from 1 to 20 business days for others

Additional information

Quick review video:

Russian Work Visa Invitation processing terms

In order to obtain a work invitation employer company must make a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and submit a pack of necessary documents. It takes about 30 days to get the invitation.

After receiving your work invitation, you should proceed with applying for a work visa to a Russian Consulate. Amount of time you need to wait the issuance of a visa depends on a certain Consulate.

Documents required for the Russian Work Visa Invitation

In order to issue a work invitation for you, your employer will need the following documents and information:

  • Copy of your passport and its translation to the Russian language certified by a Russian notary;
  • Copy of your higher education diploma with attachments and notarized translation of your diploma to the Russian language;
  • Colorized matte photo without corner (4 pics, 3,5х4,5 cm sized);
  • Precise address of residence in a country of your citizenship;
  • Country and a city where you are going to apply for a work visa to Russia;
  • Cities you plan to visit in Russia;
  • Place of residence in Russia;
  • Expected date of arrival.

How to get a Russian Work Visa Invitation?

In order to apply for a work visa it is necessary to obtain a work invitation. Only an employer wanting to hire you can help to issue it.

It is useful to know the following information about the procedure of issuing a work invitation:

  • Work invitation to Russia is issued to get a work visa, which validity period is 1 or 3 years.
  • You must apply for the work visa to Russia to a Russian Consulate of a country of your citizenship.
  • Work permit as well as work invitation to Russia is issued by a Russian employer ready to hire you.
  • You must obtain your work permit card in person at the MIA section after your arrival to Russia under the work visa.
  • Employer company must take the responsibility for you to register at the migration service of Russia.
  • You must register during 7 days after crossing the borders of Russian Federation.
  • If you bear a work visa, you can arrive to Russia during the whole period of validity when you need and as many times as you need.


The following legal acts were used to write this article:

If you have any questions ask them in the comments to this article. I will try to answer them all.

Get Russian Visa
Invitation in 5 minutes

A tourist visa is ideal for a short-term visit to Russia for tourism, business negotiations and a visit to a private person.

An invitation for a tourist visa is a unified confirmation, which can be accompanied by a tourist voucher indicating the program of stay.

To submit documents to the Consulate, a copy of the invitation is sufficient.

Russian Visa Support

for business visa

To obtain a business visa to Russia, you need an invitation from an inviting party, a Russian company.

You can order a visa support service from a Russian company, which will also offer its services on business support in Russia. For example transfer, organization of conferences, and translators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An invitation is one of the required documents for every visa application submitted to the Russian Consulate. It is required for every kind of visa.

Tourist visa is only valid for 30 days, and generally it is quite easy to receive and least expensive. Business visa is valid for the time period of 1 year (and sometimes it is also possible to arrange it for 3 years), and is usually more expensive and takes more time to get.

Russian visa is an official document that permits the owner to stay in Russia for a specified time period. The visa contains information about entry and leave date, visa type and the allowed number of entries, as well as owner’s passport data and the information about the host organization (visa sponsor). Please note that visa is the document that permits both entry and exit; if you stay in Russia for a period that is longer than specified by the visa or lose the passport with the visa, leaving the country will be problematic.

Citizens of most of the countries need a Russian visa to enter the Russian Federation. There is a number of visa free countries as well as visa free trips, please check the official governmental information source for your particular country.

In case you have entered incorrect data, please notify us as soon as possible. The cost of changing the order data depends on the time passed since submitting the order, and the chosen type of invitation.

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1. What is the invitation letter and why I need it?

In accordance with Russian law for getting Russian tourist or business visa you must have an invitation letter. Tourist invitation consists of two parts – the tourist confirmation letter (“подтверждение о приеме иностранного туриста” – in Russian) and the travel (tourist) voucher – in this documents there is necessary information which needs to apply the application for Russian tourist visa (name of travel organization, its address, reference and confirmation numbers). Business invitation from Russian Organization is a document in Russian language – in this document there is necessary information which needs to apply the application for Russian tourist visa (name of travel organization, its address and TIN number).

2. What kind of invitation I need to get Russian visa?

If your trip is planned for up to 30 days, choose a single (or double) tourist invitation. If you would like to visit Russia several times or over 30 days – choose business invitation for six months or for one year. For most Russian consulates it’s enough a copy of invitation (for Europe, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and others). Business invitation letters is appropriate only for EU, US citizens and some others. For UK citizens we can give FMS electronic invitation. (business invitation letter is not appropriate for UK by Russian Consulate rules).

3. What organizations can issue invitations for Russian visa? (IMPORTANT)

Invitations can only issue by officially tour operator which have license in accordance with 132 Russian Federal law. As you can see in a license of the Ministry of Tourism of Russian Federation (Rostourism) we are guaranteed to have the right to provide these services till 31.01.2023. This means that you are guaranteed to get a visa to Russia without any problems. (our license) Also you can check the license on the website of the Federal Agency for Tourism Don’t let our highly affordable prices fool you into thinking our quality isn’t good. All official tour operators provides identical invitations (the content of invitation approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation), so the main thing with choosing a company is – valid license, price, convenient website, rush service and responsive communication

4. Is your service secure and reliable?

Our company has been providing this service since 1992, each year we prolonging our accreditation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our reference number is confirmed by Russian tourist license, which is pretty expensive in Russia by law (only the bank guarantee for tourism cost 30 million rubles per year – about 500 000 USD, also there is a lot of another fees), so we are very interested that each customer get Russian visa and recommend our service to his friends and partners. Also for keeping high level of security our website based on https protocol – all data which we receive are well protected

5. Why are invitations of have a good price?

P.S. our service provide invitations for Europe, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan citizens and others. For some another countries price can be higher.

6. How do get Russian visa with this invitation?

Print your invitation. Make a color photo, health insurance and other documents (a full list of documents to specify the consulate or visa application center in your country). Fill out the form on the website of the Consulate of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Specify the tourism as a purpose of your trip, specify travel company, specify the name of travel organization, address, reference and confirmation (voucher №) numbers and the hotel(s) that listed in your invitation. Visit Russian consulate or visa application center, and after 3-5 days after your visit of consulate or visa application center you can get your Russian visa.

7. Is your service trustworthy? (IMPORTANT)

Yes, and it’s ok question when you visit website of company which based in foreign country and you are going to buy something. And this company is not Apple Inc, Ebay or similar. Here are the arguments that say that we are trusted and reliable company and you can check it by yourself 1. Valid license, each year we make a lot of papers, fees and reports for authorities to prolong it. In section LICENSE you can find more information about it. And here you can check it online on official website of Russian tourist authority Rostourism. Now our license is valid till 31.01.2023. 2. We use extremely secure payment providers as Stripe (for any types of cards), Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal. And by the way they made a strict verification of our company too before they allow to use their service for payments. 3. All your data is protected by respectable internet Security Company as COMODO GROUP.

8. Is your invitation appropriate for Airbnb, or similar services?

If you are planning to stay in Russia in apartment of your friends, booked an apartment using Airbnb service, or hotel using (or similar) service, or have not yet decided in what place in Russia you are going to stop, in all this cases to obtain a visa to Russia our invitation letter is appropriate for getting Russian visa.

9. Common mistakes in application form.

Most often, our customers make mistakes in the passport number, and sometimes we receive an applications with wrong e-mail. Also check your travel dates – tourist visa can be issued only for 30 days (for example 09.12.2016 – 08.01.2017 – it’s 31 days). Carefully double-check all the data in application. The invitation with mistakes can rejected by Consulate.

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